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So Baby

Set bao gồm : - Mồng tơi : 200g - Cải Ngồng : 200g - Rau Muống : 300g - Cải Ngọt : 200g - Dưa chuột : 300g. Rau thay thế : Rau Lang, Bó Xôi, Cải Mơ. Các loại củ thay thế : Bầu, Đậu bắp, Đậu Cove, Cà Rốt.
  • 1,000,000 for 4 weeks
  • Shipping cost included
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Organic vegetables harvested during the day

Organic vegetables from O-City affiliated gardens are collected or delivered to customers goods within a day to ensure freshness of vegetables


O-City has a policy of delivery orders within Hanoi

Techonology 4.9

O-City applies advanced technologies in the production, ordering and transparency of product origin to customers.